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Author – Kristy Nuttall

–  Four ladies walk into a bar ..  WAIT!  It’s not a joke.

You see, four ladies really did meet up in a bar for wine and a few minutes of a girlfriend get-away. As we all sat sipping our wine and catching up, the idea of this lil’ blog came to fruition. We decided that there needed to be a place to help us find our own answer.  

Individually we have been working hard while waiting for the magic ANSWER to pop out somewhere. What’s the answer to “How do I keep a marriage healthy?”  What about the answer to “Did I speak too harshly to my kid?”

Our first task – assign category names … (we had a BALL with this).  

Here we can write about our gripes, our achievements, our hurdles, our longing to fit in the skinny jeans again and most of all it will allow our girlfriends (and whomever else decides to read this) to sympathize and relate to our quest of that answer – whatever it may be.

With that being said, I launch this official :: cue trumpets :: first entry of Where’s My Damn Answer‘s blog.  :: toasts ::   


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