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I’m catching up on my blogging today so you get two entries for the price of one!  We are on vacation in Carlsbad, CA.  – cute village, wine tasting, spas, cafes, nice restaurants, pretty beach, and yes, surfing.  We are at the Carlsbad Inn, which is pretty nice, just across a small street to the special stairs to the beach, complete with free chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, and sand toys for the asking.  Because the water is not really warm yet, we rented the boys surf wetsuits yesterday and also rented a foam longboard for them to try out.


This brings me to the surf thing.  My oldest tried it out a couple summers ago with friends and was told he was pretty good at catching on.  Since then, he has wanted a board.  The skim board I bought him before he went away to school (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – yes, a surfer campus) was no substitute, although he has gotten quite good at sliding on the water film made by the retreating waves, and can do spins and jumps.  I am pretty sure one of the reasons he chose this campus (besides the highly-ranked aerospace engineering program and the bowling alley in the student union) was the fact that they offer a “for fun” class in shaping your own surf board. 


I was not surprised when he told me he was taking the class the first month he was on campus.  I WAS surprised later on when he informed me that it would cost $225 to pick up the board from the guy who was doing the fiberglass coating on it, and that he’d be late getting back to his room to meet me when I picked him up for Christmas break “’cuz I just gotta get my board!”.  When I asked where he got this $225, it became clear he would be a little short on the rent money January 1st.

  First surf culture observation #1: Surf stuff is really cool and worth spending your rent money on, as long as you believe you still have enough parental credits to get it covered in time. 

The surf board glass guy only reinforced my son’s view of how cool this board was when Kyle called him to arrange for the pickup.  He said: “DUDE!  You’re sooo stoked!  This board is great, man!”  ( Surf Observation #2:  Doing fiberglass for a living might be fun and even lucrative, but it really does a number on your brain cells.)

Now Kyle thinks he can not only surf (“You’re picking this up really fast!”, but that he can make boards, too.  It doesn’t help that I flash back to when we moved to southern California with our then 9-month blonde son and our friends prophetically said, “I can see it now – you’re going to have a surfer on your hands.” 


Surf culture observation #3: Anyone’s surf stuff makes all other surfers or wanna-be-surfers really excited.  Case in point:  Kyle “got to” store his friends long board (read over 9 feet long) in my garage for about a year – never used it – whole other story– but he thought it was so cool to look at and think about using.)


Now back to this week in Carlsbad.  I have now lugged the hand-made surf board all the way from SLO to Santa Clarita and now here, we have rented the wet suit, and as it turns out, he cannot try the board out because it has developed a crack.  We have looked up repair shops in the phone book, and thankfully thought to ask the nice surfer-dude man at the rental shop if he knows where to get repairs done.  Surf Culture observation #4: surfers are easy going and nice, and many are attractive in a sun-worn, muscular way.  Sorry to digress – the good news is he tells Kyle that he can use Solarez (a tube of special epoxy-like gunk), to repair the crack himself, and that it cures in the sun is about 1/2 hour.  “Great!”, I think, “this will save some of next month’s rent money.”  So a good part of yesterday was spent with Kyle repairing the board, AND re-finishing the skim board with spray on polycrylic we had to stop at a hardware store for.  Our condo deck looks like a repair shop (yes, my husband brought sand paper and steel wool along – don’t ask!), and the living room smells like what I imagine glue sniffers (or surf board fiberglass guys) are attracted to.

Surf Culture observation #5: working on your boards is almost as attractive as using them. 

While at the surf shop, we also had to purchase a “leash” for said new surf board, and some wax.  Cold water, and also base coat, since it has not been waxed before.  There were lots of fun things in there – cute and provocative clothing, board covers, and many other accessories and toys.  Surf Culture observation #6: There are lots of sexual undertones in this sport – and actually, some are pretty overt.  We could choose between Sex Wax or Sticky Bumps.  Kyle wanted Sticky Bumps.  He got an “XM High Performance Leash”  We could order a cover for his board called the “Thruster Cover”.  The wax packet said “How to wax your stick”.  Kyle told us one of his teachers says: “If it swells, ride it!”  You get the idea.  Slight uncomfortable feelings looking at all of this with my two sons, but sorta fun when I focus on my hubby.


After all of this, the boys ended up skim and boogie boarding with the wet suits – “The waves are no good for surfing.”, and the new board has still not made it into the ocean.  I do have to admit that it looks great, and it’s kind of neat to think of my muscular blonde son riding it, just like our friend foretold all those years ago.  Maybe I’ll get to see it on this vacation, or perhaps a future one.  Maybe there will actually be an application for it when he gets to fluid mechanics or aerodynamics in his aero program (a mom can hope!).  Maybe he’ll just develop another great physical hobby that makes him feel good and lets off steam. Surf culture observation #7 (really a Mom observation) : There are many less desirable things a kid could get into, I do think it’s cool,  and mostly, I wish I could do it, too.

Have a good one, dude!



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Ron and I were sitting at the table last night after Zac went to bed, just talking about My Little Pretty and what I think the next step is going to be.  I’m committed to buyer shows throughout the end of the season (Sept) and then have a few regular retail-ish sales that I’m doing October and November, but I need to add some more.

I can’t help but think that really, now is the time to strike Internationally.  We need to get some accessory agents out there to help us get the line in the right stores overseas.  So last night when Ron and I were talking about it, he said, “well, let’s start researching which shows we can do and try to work it out to go.”  So now I need to find the best fashion/accessory trade show that London has to offer so he and I can take a business trip over there and try to make things happen at a show, with agents and by walking the streets and trying to get more information.

I put out a few feelers to people I know in London as well as other designers that might know “someone” to refer me to.  It’s not as easy to break into a market overseas as I would like it to be.  Don’t they know how FABULOUS My Little Pretty is? hah

To me, it seems like the perfect time to hit overseas for sales when our dollar is in the tank … after all … it’ll seem like pennies to them right now and once they are hooked and our dollar takes a turn, the masses will already be addicted 😉

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Saw this on Daryn Kagan’s site this morning.  I have to see the documentary.  I love hearing stories about people overcoming obstacles.  Check this out …


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This is fashion week in Los Angeles and I’ve been going to it the last couple of seasons.  I dig it.  I love the creative energy and the people that I meet there.  I love collaborating with people on projects and it seems like good things always happen when I go. 

This season I am needed at home.  I’m ok with this … but in honor of fashion week, I have decided to play music really loud (to help me not hear the barking dogs), finish all my photos of the new line (so I hear the click click of the cameras and see the flashes go off) and I might even walk the catwalk in our house wearing high heals – just to feel like I am a part of it in some way ;-). 

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I woke up in a great mood today – I had a dream about our group of “women on wine” that was SO real.  You know how dreams can be – and of course this one reflected some of the things we discussed Friday evening at our last wine/margarita/gin and tonic/coffee/martini get together.  I won’t go into all that here, but here’s the main thing I remembered from the dream upon waking:

We were all together somewhere and were discussing the notion that “we are onto something here” with this group and blog, and I said (in the dream), “NO – we REALLY are onto something here.  I am actually feeling happy and content in my life because of this group and what we are doing!”  And at that moment in the dream, I REALLY did FEEL that way.  In the dream, my life seemed so simple, I had cleared out alot of the “stuff”, and was doing something like making jewelry or painting, or god knows what.

Now, you all don’t know me very well yet, but in reality, I have a pretty complicated life.  I have nearly always been a person who does a lot, worries and thinks too much, and thinks she is never as far or as effective as she should be.  My mother lives with us, I have that 13 year old, and have two businesses that are pretty new and do not yet support us fully.  Sometimes, I have experienced depressed feelings about all this, and I am not generally in touch with the blissful, content part of myself on a day to day basis.  It was REALLY nice to have that experience so clearly – even if it was in a dream state.

Fast forward to later on the day, and I arrive at the Spa to get some work done in my office in calm and quiet, and one of the therapists tells me she now wants to only work every other Saturday.  We have had such a struggle getting good people, and this leaves us definitely short, since another one of our massage goddesses still has a hurt finger.  Depressed, worried, even angry feelings crashed down just like that.  Talk about mood swings.  Thought track in my head: “Maybe we should just get out of this business.  Why is this so hard.  Why do I make it so hard? Is this a message?  Or am I just over-reacting?”  You get the idea.

So I went out for a drive.  I am back now, and decided to do therapy by sharing, so here I am.  I will also do therapy by getting some work done, which will allow me to check off some things on the good old “to do” list, which always makes me feel better, too.  I also am aware that hormones may be at play here, as I have been having hot flashes again for about the past week, so will dring lots of water and try to eat healthy for the next few days (and be sure to use that progesterone cream!) 

Anyhow, not sure what the entire message is here, but I do know that my inner mind is telling me what I am doing here with these women is good for me.  And that there’s some simplifying I need to do.  And getting to have the actual feeling of contentment to remind me how it is was great.  Now to get some more of that each and every day! 

Thanks to you all!


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Most dreams elude us upon waking…we jump out of the bed into our daily routine, and as the a.m. wears on, our dreams wear off.

That is exactly what happened to me – until the girls provoked it out of me, unknowningly, whilst driving back from our field trip yesterday…and then it hit me like an anvil hits the Coyote in all the Road Runner cartoons!

Johnny Depp and I had spent a MAGICAL night with one another late Saturday p.m./early Sunday a.m.!  How could I be so foolish as to NOT tell everyone of the beautiful time that I had with Monsieur Depp?   NO, no…this was not a date with Jack Sparrow…Not a date with Edward Scissorshands…or more recently Sweeney Todd. 

It was truly Johnny and I, in a canoe…on a date.  Yes, I said canoe.  Strange but true.  Have no idea where we were going, but I know we were enjoying ourselves…it was just the feeling I had when I was SO RUDELY awakened by Katy the Kat.  She had to let me know that her food bowl was empty and that I was a terrible mother. 

Well, if called a terrible mother, a terrible mother I would be…I pushed her off me and WILLED myself to go back to sleep…pretended that I had not woken up…and PRAYED to go back into that lovely canoe with M. Depp.

We’ve all done that – tried to tell our subconscious, “if I go back to sleep RIGHT now, I’ll get back to that place again…” but alas it didn’t happen.  What a pity, as I’m sure his next swift move would be to lean in and gently kiss me on the lips, placing his …OH, OKAY…I’ll stop.  (This is now a sick fantasy)

The funny thing – I don’t think that I’ve ever had a “thing” for the likes of Johnny Depp outside of my 21 Jumpstreet days in the mid 80’s and even then he was a bit too pretty for me.  But nonetheless…he is quite a hottie. 

I digress…so instead of jumping out of bed – I lay there for a little while and thought about the dream – trying to capture it as a mental picture forever, so that it wouldn’t dissipate…then my thoughts turned to Why would I dream of Johnny Depp – I hadn’t seen a movie of his…there were no interviews in any of the food rags I normally read…I had not seen anything about France recently…

They say that sometimes what you eat affects your dreams…I guess next time I wanna go down that river again, I’ll have to munch down on some more popcorn and Cholula again right before bed!!!

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