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Book Cover - Eat Pray Love

I just finished reading the Italian section and I must admit that I LOVED the first section. I SO want to travel to Italy after reading it. I won’t give details because, even though I thought I had to be the last one to read this book, I realize after the last post, that I’m SO not.

In celebration of the Eatting section this morning, I bought a small package of chocolate covered Bing cherries – OMG!! They are heavenly. So not on my diet, but it was my lil celebration after reading a whole section on just enjoying it – haha

I started the section on India … Cathy … your crazy brain is mentioned in there … only it’s “Monkey Brain”. I read the paragraph it’s mentioned in twice (because it’s SO me) and thought to myself, “Cathy is going to crack up here.”

So for those of you who are reading along with me … where are you in the book?


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This entry goes back to Saturday the 22nd.  I dropped my mom off at the Burbank airport – giving her and us a break from living together – she goes off to my sister’s in Alameda and we go on vacation to Carlsbad.  After the airport, I drove over to the Krispy Kreme donut shop in Burbank to get a dozen for the boys (my excuse).  As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the blood drive truck.  It was kinda hard to miss – a large trailer with big Providence Holy Cross graphics on the outside, a canopy, and chairs lined up. 

As I got the donuts and my coffee (wow, they sell Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf now!), and I felt a twinge of guilt for even being at the donut place, what with this food plan I am following and all, I had the thought:

  “Hey!  Maybe this is the reason I am really here – I’m on vacation and have time – I can donate blood today!” 

So I did.  I had not done it for at least 4 years, and out of the 4 or 5 times I have, I have nearly fainted twice afterwards.  This is not because I think its icky, or that the idea makes me faint.  In fact, the first time it happened, I was totally shocked.  I think it is just some bodily thing that happens if I get up too fast, after losing a pint of blood. It does come out of me pretty fast (a fact that makes me never want to be bleeding after a car crash or anything).  Anyhow – they made me drink some juice and eat a donut first (smile), and lay there for a bit afterwards, and I had no dizziness at all.  Ironically, for doing my healthy duty, I got coupons for a free pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream, and for a free dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (too bad I already bought one).  Too bad they can’t reward us with a Whole Foods certificate, or some other healthy thing instead of sugary treats.


Another interesting experiencewas when I was filling out the pre-donation questionnaire.  This thing is pretty extensive these days – no donations if you have obvious things like AIDS or have been exposed, but also not if you have visited certain countries recently (Malaria risk), or if you lived in England during certain years (Mad Cow exposure).  As I sat there, a tall, well-built, young guy came over and sat down next to me.  He took one look at the questionnaire and, with a concerned look in his eyes, asked me “How much blood is a pint?”   As I explained how much I thought it was, he looked even more squeamish, and finally said “I don’t think I can do this!”  It didn’t matter that I told him it really isn’t so bad.  The big tough guy wasn’t going for it, and was out of there as fast as he could move.  The cute little nurse wasn’t able to make him come back either – he was genuinely spooked about it.  Made me smile.


All in all, it was easy, only took about 30 minutes for everything, and made me feel good.  I think you should consider doing it if you can.  That way, you can deserve a medal, too.  It was a great way to officially start off my vacation.


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** This recipe is so yummy and a huge hit with Kids and Adults alike!! No baking required!!

The Next Best thing to Robert Redford Recipe or I guess you could fill in your own name instead of Robert Redford… Mine would be Matthew McConaughey


** The following 3 items are for the bottom crust –

Mix together until crumblike – Press mixture into greased 13 x 9 baking pan

Bake at 350 for about 20 – 30 minutes or until light golden

**** Let cool completely before making filling.


1 Cup Flour

½ Cup Butter

1 Cup finely chopped pecans

 Filling (First Layer)

1 (8oz) cream cheese softened

1 Cup Sugar

** Beat these 2 until smooth

1 (8oz) cool whip

Once smooth fold in one container of cool whip – spread mixture

Over cooled crust Filling (Second Layer)

1 (5 ¼ oz) instant vanilla pudding (must be instant)

1 (5 ¼ oz) instant chocolate pudding (must be instant)

3 Cups cold milk

** Beat until smooth and thick and spread over cream cheese layer


1 (8oz) Cool whip – Spread 2nd container of cool whip over the pudding layer

 ** Cover and put in the fridge over night 

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Ok so I have made this recipe twice and both times it was wonderful – I had to make it a second time to make sure that the first yummy experience was not beginners luck.  I can assure you this recipe is a keeper.  Last night I made it for an intimate dinner party (one of the guests is a chef!!) and it was a hit.

I found it on www.allrecipes.com one of my favorite new sites:  Blue Cheese Crusted Filet Mignon with a Port Wine Sauce.

It is very easy and so yummy.  I would also suggest a great Red Wine with this – We paired this with a few of great wines – One from Justin Winery a 2005 Syrah – Also Silkwood – Red Duet and Jan Kris Picaro.   As you can tell was a great night – great food, great friends and of course great WINE!!

Cheers!!  😉

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Here is great web site I found called www.allrecipes.com it is so wonderful – It is the first food site that I have come across that when you find a recipe you like you can enter how many servings you want to make and it converts the ingredients accordingly.  I don’t know about you but for me this was a huge help it cuts down on food waste and cut my thinking time way down!! 

Happy cooking!!! 

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So since this past weekend we had a blow up with the boy, we told him that we were not going to do a big birthday party with a bunch of his friends like he wanted.  The plan was originally to go paint balling with a handful of friends and then possibly a sleep over.  When the shit hit the fan, we decided to cancel that.Instead, we have decided to invite some family down to celebrate the boy turning 13 years old.  YIKES when did THAT happen? 13???? ugh – hahaMy Mom and Dad, Brother, Sis-In-Law and three neices will be coming for a visit.  Now we’re golfing Sat morning, dinner at our house Saturday and then my brother and his family will stay over for the night and Mom and Dad will head home. This morning I woke up thinking … “shit, now I need to come up with a meal for Sat night, booze (of course) and desert too”. :: puts on party planning hat ::

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I am the only one I know that walks on the treadmill and watches the food network!!  That is inspiration!!

Ha Ha…. 

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