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The first night that we met for drinks in that lil bar, we decided that it’d be awesome to take an intuitive painting class together for our first field trip.  Karen and Carol know a lady who has a very cool place in Simi Valley.  Well that was an understatement.  We went to The Center of Energetic Healing

Soft Focus Wine and Food

We all brought something to our pre-intuitive painting picnic (whew try saying THAT three times fast). We had a fabulous spread of snacks and wine. It was such a beautiful day and we sat on a little patio across from the art studio and chatted over lunch.

As we were waiting for our class to begin, we decided to TRY to take some photos of ourselves with the timer on my camera.  Now, pay attention here in the first one.  As I was setting up the camera I asked the group, “do you think I can get ALL the way over there before the picture is taken?”.  “Of course – no problem”, they replied.  I set the timer and I RUN (losing a shoe in the gravel as I went) only to barely make it into frame – haha. 

Group Shot 1 - Running into Frame
So then we decided to move a little closer so that I didn’t have to run around the shrubs to the patio.  I get everyone framed up and get ready to run … but wait, I forgot to actually HIT the timer button this time.  I love this shot though – haha 
Group Shot 2 - Forgotten Timer
Ok … third time has GOT to be the charm … right? haha
Voila!  What a nice photo – almost like we do it ALL the time 😉
Group Shot 3 - Perfect
Now it was time to step into our art class.  It felt a little like being a kid again.  We walked into the studio and the energy was warm and creative.  There were so many different paint colors to choose from.  Check out the cart and table pictures I took.  We were encouraged to choose whatever colors called out to us. 
Paint Cart  Paint on the Table with Brushes
How fun is THAT!?!
Now it was quiet time.  Arna played music for us and told us no talking.  To just let your body, spirit and soul lead you.  It was pretty incredible to just feel that freedom.  No cell phones, no questions from anyone else, nobody wanting anything from me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had that.
Then we were encouraged to write about the painting and about the message that we felt it revealed.  Here are our paintings – my hope is that each of you will post in the comments more about your experience and painting  for all of our readers to learn more – I will do the same 😀
Carol’s painting:
Carol  Carol's Painting
Cathy’s Painting:
Cathy  Cathy's Painting
Jody’s Painting:
Jody  Jody's Painting
Karen’s Painting:
Karen  Karen's Painting
My Painting:
Kristy  Kristy's Painting
… and finally … a group shot with all the paintings we did – feels a bit like going back to grade school 😉
Group Paintings

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As Jody posted, we went to the Wine Society’s Wine 101 event last night. VERY nice! There were quite a few little things that I learned. Not to mention we walked out with a case of different wines to drink – BONUS!!

Here’s a photo that we had someone take of us with my camera phone. Sorry it’s not the best quality but ‘eh … it’s a camera phone. I guess I’m going to have to be better about carrying an actual camera if we’re going to post images – haha.

So here we are, grainy, rosy cheeked and red eyed – at least we’re happy 😉

Ron, Kristy and Jody at Wine 101

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Okay…so how is it that I posted my concerns regarding my health and fitness this a.m. and now I sit here looking for my feet?

Kristy, Ron and I went to the Loose Goose Wine Society’s first Wine 101 at the Repertory East Playhouse in Newhall.  It was fantastic…we ate dinner and then settled in for a fun filled evening of tasty facts and even TASTIER wines  & food.   

 Yes, you read that correctly…I ate dinner and then proceeded to…yes, EAT more.

I tried to justify it by telling myself that it was merely amuse bouche – which translates to Mouth Amuser or small bite sized morsels served BEFORE appetizers (that can be a whole other blog in itself…) – But by the end…Whew…I felt as puffy as a profiterole stuffed with Bavarian Creme.

Oh well…I can see my toes when I lay down and everything else lays flat…hee hee hee

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