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I have been SO bad about updating the My Little Pretty site. I hadn’t uploaded any of the press or photographs from shoots/red carpet events, etc. since 2006 *gasp*

I guess that’s what happens when you are too busy huh – haha. As a business owner who also happens to be a designer, I sometimes find it hard to wear ALL the hats. Not to mention, I have a tough time drawing a line in the sand as to what I’m not going to do.

We’ve paid someone to help get the behind the scenes in tip top shape for our wholesale shopping section. We are wrapping that up and I decided I HAD to update the rest of the information on the site before we unveil the new shopping section to our buyers.

I added six pages of photos from the last year and a half. It could have been more too – haha. My Little Pretty has been doing a TON and has been involved in a lot of photo shoots and magazine stuff. So … I asked Ron to teach me how to do it myself.

At first I was totally intimidated. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I didn’t let the doubts creep in. Instead, I buckled down and tuned things out and focused on the code that skeers me ;-). I tackled it and all the pictures even work – woohoo.

Ron also helped get the new Spa Boutique for a Cure page up and running for me. It feels good to have the site up to date and once we add the wholesale shopping area – my hope is that re-orders will be much easier for my stores.

Want to see what MLP has been up to in photos?


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I’m catching up on my blogging today so you get two entries for the price of one!  We are on vacation in Carlsbad, CA.  – cute village, wine tasting, spas, cafes, nice restaurants, pretty beach, and yes, surfing.  We are at the Carlsbad Inn, which is pretty nice, just across a small street to the special stairs to the beach, complete with free chairs, umbrellas, boogie boards, and sand toys for the asking.  Because the water is not really warm yet, we rented the boys surf wetsuits yesterday and also rented a foam longboard for them to try out.


This brings me to the surf thing.  My oldest tried it out a couple summers ago with friends and was told he was pretty good at catching on.  Since then, he has wanted a board.  The skim board I bought him before he went away to school (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – yes, a surfer campus) was no substitute, although he has gotten quite good at sliding on the water film made by the retreating waves, and can do spins and jumps.  I am pretty sure one of the reasons he chose this campus (besides the highly-ranked aerospace engineering program and the bowling alley in the student union) was the fact that they offer a “for fun” class in shaping your own surf board. 


I was not surprised when he told me he was taking the class the first month he was on campus.  I WAS surprised later on when he informed me that it would cost $225 to pick up the board from the guy who was doing the fiberglass coating on it, and that he’d be late getting back to his room to meet me when I picked him up for Christmas break “’cuz I just gotta get my board!”.  When I asked where he got this $225, it became clear he would be a little short on the rent money January 1st.

  First surf culture observation #1: Surf stuff is really cool and worth spending your rent money on, as long as you believe you still have enough parental credits to get it covered in time. 

The surf board glass guy only reinforced my son’s view of how cool this board was when Kyle called him to arrange for the pickup.  He said: “DUDE!  You’re sooo stoked!  This board is great, man!”  ( Surf Observation #2:  Doing fiberglass for a living might be fun and even lucrative, but it really does a number on your brain cells.)

Now Kyle thinks he can not only surf (“You’re picking this up really fast!”, but that he can make boards, too.  It doesn’t help that I flash back to when we moved to southern California with our then 9-month blonde son and our friends prophetically said, “I can see it now – you’re going to have a surfer on your hands.” 


Surf culture observation #3: Anyone’s surf stuff makes all other surfers or wanna-be-surfers really excited.  Case in point:  Kyle “got to” store his friends long board (read over 9 feet long) in my garage for about a year – never used it – whole other story– but he thought it was so cool to look at and think about using.)


Now back to this week in Carlsbad.  I have now lugged the hand-made surf board all the way from SLO to Santa Clarita and now here, we have rented the wet suit, and as it turns out, he cannot try the board out because it has developed a crack.  We have looked up repair shops in the phone book, and thankfully thought to ask the nice surfer-dude man at the rental shop if he knows where to get repairs done.  Surf Culture observation #4: surfers are easy going and nice, and many are attractive in a sun-worn, muscular way.  Sorry to digress – the good news is he tells Kyle that he can use Solarez (a tube of special epoxy-like gunk), to repair the crack himself, and that it cures in the sun is about 1/2 hour.  “Great!”, I think, “this will save some of next month’s rent money.”  So a good part of yesterday was spent with Kyle repairing the board, AND re-finishing the skim board with spray on polycrylic we had to stop at a hardware store for.  Our condo deck looks like a repair shop (yes, my husband brought sand paper and steel wool along – don’t ask!), and the living room smells like what I imagine glue sniffers (or surf board fiberglass guys) are attracted to.

Surf Culture observation #5: working on your boards is almost as attractive as using them. 

While at the surf shop, we also had to purchase a “leash” for said new surf board, and some wax.  Cold water, and also base coat, since it has not been waxed before.  There were lots of fun things in there – cute and provocative clothing, board covers, and many other accessories and toys.  Surf Culture observation #6: There are lots of sexual undertones in this sport – and actually, some are pretty overt.  We could choose between Sex Wax or Sticky Bumps.  Kyle wanted Sticky Bumps.  He got an “XM High Performance Leash”  We could order a cover for his board called the “Thruster Cover”.  The wax packet said “How to wax your stick”.  Kyle told us one of his teachers says: “If it swells, ride it!”  You get the idea.  Slight uncomfortable feelings looking at all of this with my two sons, but sorta fun when I focus on my hubby.


After all of this, the boys ended up skim and boogie boarding with the wet suits – “The waves are no good for surfing.”, and the new board has still not made it into the ocean.  I do have to admit that it looks great, and it’s kind of neat to think of my muscular blonde son riding it, just like our friend foretold all those years ago.  Maybe I’ll get to see it on this vacation, or perhaps a future one.  Maybe there will actually be an application for it when he gets to fluid mechanics or aerodynamics in his aero program (a mom can hope!).  Maybe he’ll just develop another great physical hobby that makes him feel good and lets off steam. Surf culture observation #7 (really a Mom observation) : There are many less desirable things a kid could get into, I do think it’s cool,  and mostly, I wish I could do it, too.

Have a good one, dude!


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This entry goes back to Saturday the 22nd.  I dropped my mom off at the Burbank airport – giving her and us a break from living together – she goes off to my sister’s in Alameda and we go on vacation to Carlsbad.  After the airport, I drove over to the Krispy Kreme donut shop in Burbank to get a dozen for the boys (my excuse).  As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the blood drive truck.  It was kinda hard to miss – a large trailer with big Providence Holy Cross graphics on the outside, a canopy, and chairs lined up. 

As I got the donuts and my coffee (wow, they sell Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf now!), and I felt a twinge of guilt for even being at the donut place, what with this food plan I am following and all, I had the thought:

  “Hey!  Maybe this is the reason I am really here – I’m on vacation and have time – I can donate blood today!” 

So I did.  I had not done it for at least 4 years, and out of the 4 or 5 times I have, I have nearly fainted twice afterwards.  This is not because I think its icky, or that the idea makes me faint.  In fact, the first time it happened, I was totally shocked.  I think it is just some bodily thing that happens if I get up too fast, after losing a pint of blood. It does come out of me pretty fast (a fact that makes me never want to be bleeding after a car crash or anything).  Anyhow – they made me drink some juice and eat a donut first (smile), and lay there for a bit afterwards, and I had no dizziness at all.  Ironically, for doing my healthy duty, I got coupons for a free pint of Baskin Robbins ice cream, and for a free dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (too bad I already bought one).  Too bad they can’t reward us with a Whole Foods certificate, or some other healthy thing instead of sugary treats.


Another interesting experiencewas when I was filling out the pre-donation questionnaire.  This thing is pretty extensive these days – no donations if you have obvious things like AIDS or have been exposed, but also not if you have visited certain countries recently (Malaria risk), or if you lived in England during certain years (Mad Cow exposure).  As I sat there, a tall, well-built, young guy came over and sat down next to me.  He took one look at the questionnaire and, with a concerned look in his eyes, asked me “How much blood is a pint?”   As I explained how much I thought it was, he looked even more squeamish, and finally said “I don’t think I can do this!”  It didn’t matter that I told him it really isn’t so bad.  The big tough guy wasn’t going for it, and was out of there as fast as he could move.  The cute little nurse wasn’t able to make him come back either – he was genuinely spooked about it.  Made me smile.


All in all, it was easy, only took about 30 minutes for everything, and made me feel good.  I think you should consider doing it if you can.  That way, you can deserve a medal, too.  It was a great way to officially start off my vacation.


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I’d fix the author buttons on the side in that little box! (I’d point to the right, but it’s now GONE)

Since I don’t, I asked Ron to create a new “Author Page” (look up :: points up :: by the “About us” tab) for us. Now my somewhat OCD ways will not frustrate me every day when I look at our page.

Look :: points to the right :: … I fixed it!!  I had to shorten all our names but was able to use the code Ron copied for me to keep it there on the side.  Now we have the best of both worlds 😀

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Now I’m singing “The things we do for love kids” – haha.

Zac turned 13 today – yikes. 

He was in trouble so we didn’t do the BIG party with a ton o’ kids this year.  He wanted to take five other teenagers paintballing and then do a sleep over.  Instead, we decided to make it a family birthday dinner (not officially a party – haha). 

My sister-in-law was here helping me get the MLP jewelry line ready to sell at shows last November and we were all talking about fun things like tp’ing a house.  Zac’s friends had recently threatened to egg our house and we were explaining that a good old fashion tp is just clean (somewhat) fun but that when you do things that could damage property it was a totally different thing.  Zac said it’d be funny to saran wrap a car and we thought it was a funny thing so Renee said she’d come down and we’d do that for his birthday.

We invited our neighbors over to hang out with us for dinner and cupcakes (thanks Jody – they rocked).  After our friends went home, all the kids got ready to go tp their house (three doors down).  Of course, I had already gotten the adults a little lit :: gasp :: after four bottles of wine and then we split a bottle of port with yummy chocolate – OMG.

Lisa is pregnant and went home a little early.  Chris and their three year old son stayed with us for a bit longer.  They have a baby girl in the oven – due in Sept. and we keep joking that they should name her Esmerelda.  It’s a GREAT name and we all want to call her Ezy – haha.

::Back to the action in the story::

Renee and I proceed to make little tinfoil letters to spell out a special message to them.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the Smart N Final run to get the industrial roll of saran wrap though 😦 … so we only did a little wrap job on the car.  We put trash bags over the wheels of Chris’ car, tp in the tree, forks in the yard and our special sign.  We thought it’d be fun to do leprechaun foot prints, but didn’t feel much like doing it when the time came (and the wine set in – haha).  The kids had a BLAST and every time a car would come the adults would play up the drama a bit and whisper … freeze hide behind something – hahahah.  It was quite comical really and something I will NEVER forget.  We told the kids that they’d be cleaning it up in the morning and they had so much fun that they said that was totally fine with them (although they didn’t have to because Chris did it for them – haha). 

That morning when Chris went out to get the paper, he said to Lisa, “what teenager did we piss off“?  Then they saw our clever sign – haha.  They came out to look and see if anyone else got tp’d … and saw Zac tip toeing out to see if they had been discovered yet – hahaha. 

I’m sure paypack will be a bitch with them as their kids grow up too … but it is all in good fun and it was great to see the kids learning what is ok to do in fun and what will damage the property of someone’s house, car, etc. 

toilet papering 

Esmerelda was here

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I was reading an article written by “Judy Brady” written in 1971 titled “I want a wife”…  Wow was Judy on to something.  I almost think she was ahead of her time as women today do everything in her article and so much more,  most hold a full time job as well.  When this was written in 1971 most woman worked inside the home (that is a wonderful full time job in and of itself).  The premise of the article is just like the topic stating all the things that she would love someone to do for her just as she does for her husband and her family as the “WIFE”.

This article really made me once again appreciate the strength and power and dedication of woman. Sadly, I think sometimes we sell our importance and value short.    We get caught up in the “rut” of daily life and really do not stop to think about our incredible daily contribution.  It is amazing when you stop and read and process her words how they must resonate within you as they did with me.

*** Here are a few examples of what her wife would do for her:

–  Cook and grocery shop 

– Clean

– Care for the children in all regards

– Take time off work when the children are sick

– Make all social arrangements 

–  Sensitive to my sexual needs – a wife who will love me passionately and eagerly “when I feel like it” and who of course makes sure that I am satisfied.

 – House work including – wash – iron 

– Care for her when she is sick

 – One of the real kickers is that option for if by chance i find another person more suitable as a wife than the wife I already have, I want the liberty to replace my present wife with another one….. 

Wow:  This would be paradise,  a real dream come true.   What is so amazing is that this is what we as woman do for our families and more specifically our husbands.   It is because of all you amazing Moms and Wife’s that you deserve a special medal.  This medal is solid, firm  and will never tarnish – Just like you.   

As the last line of the article says: My God, who wouldn’t want a wife

I know I would love a wife!!!

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