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I’ve never been much for reality tv – I think it’s a load of bollocks…actually.  The contrived fashion makes me nuts.  The only ones that I truly watch are the food ones such as Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc etc etc. because I actually enjoy watching the people cook.  You can’t script that I didn’t think.  I even had a chance to go on Hell’s Kitchen in Season 2, as a guest of Chef Ramsay’s show…

This was a treat because he is a hero of mine…however, it was quite a surprise that even on the set of the show, we were given food that was catered by Craft Services out back…what a pity.

I digress…on to my obsession…
I can’t get enough of Bret Michaels and Rock of Love on VH1.  Are you kidding me right now???  What kind of mindless fluff have I gotten myself hooked on like bad crack cocaine…???

I watched last season and thought this has got to be a one off…no WAY will this continue on…Loved the girl he picked in the end, named Jesse – but she dumped him on the reunion show much to the millions of viewers chagrin.

Well, lo and behold there is a Rock of Love 2 – I actually TIVO this…and can’t WAIT to get home to watch the trainwrecks that alcohol and too many women in one place (read: GROUPIES) create…catfights, more name calling and puking than a sorority house all vying for the attention of one puffy ol’ Rocker from the 80’s biggest hair glam band, next to Winger.

What killed me last night was something he said and I couldn’t believe that he actually spoke these words about one of the girls’ ex boyfriends…

“With Daisy’s ex-boyfriend I knew something was up…it’s a bit of a conundrum…he’s an enigma…this is a mystery…”

HUH???!!!!  What the bloody hell does that mean? 

Why didn’t he just say “That guy is one sneaky, you know what…”  or   “That shady guy just ain’t telling me something…”

 SCRIPTED…No…*sarcasm, sarcasm*

Maybe I should have titled my post:

Puffy rocker uses THREE 25¢ Words in one sentence…


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 Zac had an extra credit assignment in his Math class over the weekend that he could do. He’s looking for all the extra points he can round up, so we decided to take him. Saturday didn’t happen because Ron and I decided to spring clean (including shampooing the couches, pillows, carpet in our bedroom, etc.) to help with the allergies in our house. So Sunday we decided to go to the museum … on Easter.  Here’s a picture of Ron and Zac out front with the streetlight exhibit – not sure what that is about … but it was cool – haha.

I didn’t know that if you go after 5 pm, it’s free to get in. ROCK ON!! We spent a couple of hours there. First we went to the check out the exhibit that had geometric shapes. He was supposed to check them out and choose one that he liked, then answer some questions about it, etc. He chose this cool one that was called, I think, “Big Blue”. As we were standing there, I asked if there was any way we could take a picture for a school project (without the flash). At first, the security guard said no, but then, as he heard us talking about the piece and it’s dimensions and Zac said that he’d sketch it, he said, ok, hurry up and take one without the flash- haha. So I did … with my blackberry phone (so really, it’s not the greatest).

After that, we went through the Japanese art section and then on to Contemporary Art. I loved the giant Baloon Dog and the Cracked Egg display – those were fun. No pictures there though – haha.

We ended up staying until about 7:30 and really only left before they closed because we hadn’t eatten dinner yet.

A picture of the three of us before we left … me … no make-up.

I loved the lights when we came in … but they looked even cooler at night when they came on … check this out …

Not the traditional Easter we’re used to (usually we head to Visalia to be with family), but it was still kind of fun to do something totally different and out of the ordinary.

The only thing I’d change at LACMA if I ran the zoo would be to make postcards of the geometric exhibit so that kids could take them home when they are working on projects. THEN you wouldn’t have to try to sneak to take a picture (I’m sure not ALL the guards were as nice).

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Just heard on the news about the woman enjoying a boat ride in Florida who was killed by a 75 pound spotted stingray which leapt out of the water and collided with her at a high rate of speed . . . .  REALLY?  WTF??? 

Baby, when it is your time, it is definitely your time and evidently we can’t vacation our way out of it.

Although I guess if ya gotta go, this isn’t a bad way.  One minute you’re hangin’ out, enjoying the sunshine and the water, hopefully sharing a laugh with people you love and the next minute – BAM. 

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I tried to post yesterday and I sat in front of the computer and thought to myself, “what will I post about today?”  Nothing came to mind … just the sound of crickets.  Huh. 

It reminded me of years ago in college in an English class I was in.  I had this great teacher that looked like a droopy dog from a cartoon that I can’t recall the name of right now.  He taught us to meditate on the first day.  Now I lived in Visalia and really, meditation was FAR from what was the norm.  In fact, I believe a lot of the kids went home and told their parents who promplty filed complaints with the school.  I wasn’t one of them because I saw that it actually worked.  He walked us through relaxing our bodies and minds while we sat in that chair and then taught us to just write whatever came from our head.  Kind of like our intuitive painting class a few weeks ago.  So that’s what I’m doing this morning … letting it fly – haha. 

I have so many topics in my head right now but none that seem very clever or witty (which is what I like to write on most). 

I read a blog this morning that inspired me.  I found it through the tag surf feature and it showed up because of the common “friends” tag.  It’s written by a guy that has a great voice in his words.  You know what I mean … when you feel you that you can hear their voice as you read their story.  He wrote about friends today, but in digging through his blog a bit more, I learned about his real story.  He and his wife are adopting two children from Haiti – Amos and Story.  If you have some time, take a look at his blog … I think you’ll dig it.  

I remember years ago when my ex and I decided to adopt.  It’s a scary and exhilarating journey.  You have so many naysayers to contend with, yet you know in your heart that you are on the right path.  The first time I saw the picture of Zac, I knew that he was meant for me.  In a weird way, I’m grateful to my ex for opening that door for me (even though he didn’t stick around for the long haul).  If I hadn’t met him, I wouldn’t have adopted so early.  There is a lot more to that story, but I don’t feel like getting into that now.  I love the journey that Zac and I (and now Ron too) have been on together.  There are days I freak, days I yell, days I cry and quite a few days where I laugh a lot. 

I can’t wait to hear more about their journey too. 

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I was reading this article in Glamour magazine this week about 7 Friends we all need.  As I was reading it never occurred to me to categorize my friends or breakdown the type of relationships I have with different girlfriends.    I loved the premise as it really is true and I love the fact that I have people in my life who actually fit all these categories.

Here they are……

 – The Kooky Friend – This person is a wonderful, amusing and loving Nut job.

–  The New Friend – This is the girlfriend that the minute you met there was an instant bond and chemistry.

– The Friend you will keep for life.  This “LIFELONG”Friend has been with you thru it all,  seen the good the bad and beyond.  She is your champion, cheerleader and biggest supporter.  This relationship outlasts most marriages.  ** I am blessed with this “special” friend. She and I were in our Mom’s bellys at the same time.  We are 3 months apart and started our relationship in the Womb and 41 years later our bond it is still alive, well, growing and “forever”.

The Couple Friends – Pretty much 2 for the price of one!!  The best of both worlds.

The 9 – 5 Friend – This Friend keeps you sane in the insane work world!!  This is the bright light in the dim day – Thank goodness for the ability to IM and express or vent to a “safe” place what you would do “if you ran the zoo”!!

– The Friends who show up.   She (or they)  is loyal – deep and fast to be at your side when you need them.   They jump in, take charge and get things done when at the time you are unable to.                                     ** on a personal note when my boyfriend (now husband) a US MARINE was deployed a couple years ago I had a girlfriend who called the day after he left to help me “rise and shine” not something I wanted to do for at least 6 months until his return!!  She got me up and going and I am forever grateful for her knowing what I needed at the exact moment I needed it!!!

– The Friend who has been there.  This Friend has been there done that and seen or experienced a lot.  She is wise and full of knowledge,  insight and wonderful advice. 

After reading this and really thinking about it.  It really hit my heart in many ways.  I felt like I had a complete “friendship circle” per say I feel balanced.   In all the craziness of life I know that I have wonderful women in my life who keep my grounded – alive – challenged – supported and most important give unconditional “love”

Do you have these friends….  We all should. 

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I recently finished this book:

Apocalipstick a novel by Sue Margolis.  It’s a fun, fluffy summer read, which is really the only kind you’ll ever hear about from me.  I borrowed it from someone about a year ago and can’t remember who lent it to me.  If it’s you and you’re reading this and you want it back, fuhgeddaboutit.  I never return anything, unless it’s a self-help book, in which case I will return it posthaste.  I don’t do self-help books, as I prefer to learn the HARD way.

So this was a cute, british, romantic comedy of a book and I just thought the title was clever enough for a mention.  Oh and it finally provides the answer to the age old question – ‘Why do men snore?’  ‘Because when they lay on their backs, their balls fall over their arseholes and the pressure builds up!’   AHHHHHH.  That explains so much really.

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I am one of those people. I love my dog, Sadie.


Most days she is a good dog. In fact most days she is almost human. She has a large vobabulary. She understands what I am saying. She knows when I am not feeling well and cuddles. As I said Sadie is a good dog. But there are days, I look at her and say , “That’s right you are a dog! I’m sorry I forgot!” Like the days when someone has fertilized their yard and we are on a walk. If I don’t catch her she will be on her side rubbing her head on the ground like she is putting expensive perfume behind her ears. Or the one night when I heard her on the bed next to me chewing at her feet. And chewing some more. I opened my eyes and turned on the light and found that she has been out the doggie door in the middle of the night and had dug up to her elbows in mud which she was now trying to clean off her feet and yes,  she’s managed to get it on the sheets and comforter. The comforter that won’t fit in my washing machine which means a trip to the laundrymat!

Yes, there are days I forget she is a dog. But then there are days like that when she reminds me! You can only laugh. She is just doing what dogs do!

Speaking of dogs, I found this picture on another blog here and it just made me howl with laughter. It is a good site if you like pet pictures–especially of dogs being dogs. (Wouldn’t you just want to scream! Lipstick on the carpet! ARGH!)

tammy faye puppy

http://ihasahotdog.com–loldogs are funny dog pictures!



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