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I’ve never been much for reality tv – I think it’s a load of bollocks…actually.  The contrived fashion makes me nuts.  The only ones that I truly watch are the food ones such as Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc etc etc. because I actually enjoy watching the people cook.  You can’t script that I didn’t think.  I even had a chance to go on Hell’s Kitchen in Season 2, as a guest of Chef Ramsay’s show…

This was a treat because he is a hero of mine…however, it was quite a surprise that even on the set of the show, we were given food that was catered by Craft Services out back…what a pity.

I digress…on to my obsession…
I can’t get enough of Bret Michaels and Rock of Love on VH1.  Are you kidding me right now???  What kind of mindless fluff have I gotten myself hooked on like bad crack cocaine…???

I watched last season and thought this has got to be a one off…no WAY will this continue on…Loved the girl he picked in the end, named Jesse – but she dumped him on the reunion show much to the millions of viewers chagrin.

Well, lo and behold there is a Rock of Love 2 – I actually TIVO this…and can’t WAIT to get home to watch the trainwrecks that alcohol and too many women in one place (read: GROUPIES) create…catfights, more name calling and puking than a sorority house all vying for the attention of one puffy ol’ Rocker from the 80’s biggest hair glam band, next to Winger.

What killed me last night was something he said and I couldn’t believe that he actually spoke these words about one of the girls’ ex boyfriends…

“With Daisy’s ex-boyfriend I knew something was up…it’s a bit of a conundrum…he’s an enigma…this is a mystery…”

HUH???!!!!  What the bloody hell does that mean? 

Why didn’t he just say “That guy is one sneaky, you know what…”  or   “That shady guy just ain’t telling me something…”

 SCRIPTED…No…*sarcasm, sarcasm*

Maybe I should have titled my post:

Puffy rocker uses THREE 25¢ Words in one sentence…


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