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I’ve never been much for reality tv – I think it’s a load of bollocks…actually.  The contrived fashion makes me nuts.  The only ones that I truly watch are the food ones such as Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, etc etc etc. because I actually enjoy watching the people cook.  You can’t script that I didn’t think.  I even had a chance to go on Hell’s Kitchen in Season 2, as a guest of Chef Ramsay’s show…

This was a treat because he is a hero of mine…however, it was quite a surprise that even on the set of the show, we were given food that was catered by Craft Services out back…what a pity.

I digress…on to my obsession…
I can’t get enough of Bret Michaels and Rock of Love on VH1.  Are you kidding me right now???  What kind of mindless fluff have I gotten myself hooked on like bad crack cocaine…???

I watched last season and thought this has got to be a one off…no WAY will this continue on…Loved the girl he picked in the end, named Jesse – but she dumped him on the reunion show much to the millions of viewers chagrin.

Well, lo and behold there is a Rock of Love 2 – I actually TIVO this…and can’t WAIT to get home to watch the trainwrecks that alcohol and too many women in one place (read: GROUPIES) create…catfights, more name calling and puking than a sorority house all vying for the attention of one puffy ol’ Rocker from the 80’s biggest hair glam band, next to Winger.

What killed me last night was something he said and I couldn’t believe that he actually spoke these words about one of the girls’ ex boyfriends…

“With Daisy’s ex-boyfriend I knew something was up…it’s a bit of a conundrum…he’s an enigma…this is a mystery…”

HUH???!!!!  What the bloody hell does that mean? 

Why didn’t he just say “That guy is one sneaky, you know what…”  or   “That shady guy just ain’t telling me something…”

 SCRIPTED…No…*sarcasm, sarcasm*

Maybe I should have titled my post:

Puffy rocker uses THREE 25¢ Words in one sentence…


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Here is great web site I found called www.allrecipes.com it is so wonderful – It is the first food site that I have come across that when you find a recipe you like you can enter how many servings you want to make and it converts the ingredients accordingly.  I don’t know about you but for me this was a huge help it cuts down on food waste and cut my thinking time way down!! 

Happy cooking!!! 

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So since this past weekend we had a blow up with the boy, we told him that we were not going to do a big birthday party with a bunch of his friends like he wanted.  The plan was originally to go paint balling with a handful of friends and then possibly a sleep over.  When the shit hit the fan, we decided to cancel that.Instead, we have decided to invite some family down to celebrate the boy turning 13 years old.  YIKES when did THAT happen? 13???? ugh – hahaMy Mom and Dad, Brother, Sis-In-Law and three neices will be coming for a visit.  Now we’re golfing Sat morning, dinner at our house Saturday and then my brother and his family will stay over for the night and Mom and Dad will head home. This morning I woke up thinking … “shit, now I need to come up with a meal for Sat night, booze (of course) and desert too”. :: puts on party planning hat ::

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Most dreams elude us upon waking…we jump out of the bed into our daily routine, and as the a.m. wears on, our dreams wear off.

That is exactly what happened to me – until the girls provoked it out of me, unknowningly, whilst driving back from our field trip yesterday…and then it hit me like an anvil hits the Coyote in all the Road Runner cartoons!

Johnny Depp and I had spent a MAGICAL night with one another late Saturday p.m./early Sunday a.m.!  How could I be so foolish as to NOT tell everyone of the beautiful time that I had with Monsieur Depp?   NO, no…this was not a date with Jack Sparrow…Not a date with Edward Scissorshands…or more recently Sweeney Todd. 

It was truly Johnny and I, in a canoe…on a date.  Yes, I said canoe.  Strange but true.  Have no idea where we were going, but I know we were enjoying ourselves…it was just the feeling I had when I was SO RUDELY awakened by Katy the Kat.  She had to let me know that her food bowl was empty and that I was a terrible mother. 

Well, if called a terrible mother, a terrible mother I would be…I pushed her off me and WILLED myself to go back to sleep…pretended that I had not woken up…and PRAYED to go back into that lovely canoe with M. Depp.

We’ve all done that – tried to tell our subconscious, “if I go back to sleep RIGHT now, I’ll get back to that place again…” but alas it didn’t happen.  What a pity, as I’m sure his next swift move would be to lean in and gently kiss me on the lips, placing his …OH, OKAY…I’ll stop.  (This is now a sick fantasy)

The funny thing – I don’t think that I’ve ever had a “thing” for the likes of Johnny Depp outside of my 21 Jumpstreet days in the mid 80’s and even then he was a bit too pretty for me.  But nonetheless…he is quite a hottie. 

I digress…so instead of jumping out of bed – I lay there for a little while and thought about the dream – trying to capture it as a mental picture forever, so that it wouldn’t dissipate…then my thoughts turned to Why would I dream of Johnny Depp – I hadn’t seen a movie of his…there were no interviews in any of the food rags I normally read…I had not seen anything about France recently…

They say that sometimes what you eat affects your dreams…I guess next time I wanna go down that river again, I’ll have to munch down on some more popcorn and Cholula again right before bed!!!

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Okay…so how is it that I posted my concerns regarding my health and fitness this a.m. and now I sit here looking for my feet?

Kristy, Ron and I went to the Loose Goose Wine Society’s first Wine 101 at the Repertory East Playhouse in Newhall.  It was fantastic…we ate dinner and then settled in for a fun filled evening of tasty facts and even TASTIER wines  & food.   

 Yes, you read that correctly…I ate dinner and then proceeded to…yes, EAT more.

I tried to justify it by telling myself that it was merely amuse bouche – which translates to Mouth Amuser or small bite sized morsels served BEFORE appetizers (that can be a whole other blog in itself…) – But by the end…Whew…I felt as puffy as a profiterole stuffed with Bavarian Creme.

Oh well…I can see my toes when I lay down and everything else lays flat…hee hee hee

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