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Book Cover - Eat Pray Love

I just finished reading the Italian section and I must admit that I LOVED the first section. I SO want to travel to Italy after reading it. I won’t give details because, even though I thought I had to be the last one to read this book, I realize after the last post, that I’m SO not.

In celebration of the Eatting section this morning, I bought a small package of chocolate covered Bing cherries – OMG!! They are heavenly. So not on my diet, but it was my lil celebration after reading a whole section on just enjoying it – haha

I started the section on India … Cathy … your crazy brain is mentioned in there … only it’s “Monkey Brain”. I read the paragraph it’s mentioned in twice (because it’s SO me) and thought to myself, “Cathy is going to crack up here.”

So for those of you who are reading along with me … where are you in the book?


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A few other people have shared their goals, desires, wish lists and I know a vision held for you by others who support you is stronger than a vision held on your own. So here goes mine. (Takes a courageous, deep breath!):

  1. To be a healthy and attractive weight through learning how to take care of the this 47 year old body with food and exercise habits that I can live with that are not about a diet or a punishing exercise routine but are about taking care of me, body, mind and spirit. (I’ve already started this and lost the first 23 pounds since last July but I want to continue and lose at least 40 more. I desire to get it done and have my program of exercise, meditation and eating be something I do, rather than something I talk about!)
  2. To develop my business to support me and those I care about financially with ease and abundance. I always meet my basic needs but many months there is stress about where money will come from. My mother who is 85 is running out of funds and I want to be able to support her last years so that she is taken care of well and not worried. I also know that when you earn more you can give on higher level. Immediate need. To figure out a way to reduce office overhead or increase inflow. Actually both! By end of the summer, I see cash flow being enough that I will not have to have “back up jobs.”
  3. To refine and develop my speaking skills so that I am ready and invited to share the platform with speakers such as: Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer etc. (Yikes, I’m sweating as I type that one!) I keep seeing some sort of media component with this. My own PBS special. My own show. (Sweating more profusely–Is it a hot flash or just the balls of stating that full out?)
  4. To attract that man to share my life. Several years ago after realizing I kept attracting the same men in different clothes, I realized it had to be me, not the men that needed some work. I took a break from pursuing relationships to work on me. Now, I feel like I have done the healing that I needed to do and I’m open and ready to have that companion and partner in my life. I’m opening the door and setting the intention. Somewhere out there . . .
  5. Rent a villa and spend time in Italy with friends. (Anyone interested?)
  6. Travel to the South Pacific (Cook Islands) to see my friend, Julie and continue on to explore New Zealand. Those are my top two travel destinations but I’d love to be able to travel more and explore much of this wonderful planet and meet the people.
  7. To become more a more active volunteer in my community. I know I am blessed and to those who much is given, much is expected. I need to search out the places I can be of service and show up!
  8. Paint and Write. Express. Make creativity a regular part of life.
  9. Regularly be grateful and joyful. After all what is life, if it isn’t juicy and wonderful?

I want to thank the other Where’s My Damn Answer Gals for including me in this wonderful community. A year ago, I said I need to find some cool women to hang out with. Women who get it and are on the journey with me. Thanks to Karen for saying, “You have to meet these ladies!” So looking over that list from last year, meet Cool Women, check.


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