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Okay….so I know that I ranted and raved about the morality, or lack there of, of the people that were once in the biz, but it occurred to me in my incensed state of being that I had also blocked out a more horrible incident during my time of the last refi boom and one more unsavory character whom I worked AND invited for drinks with the gang…that unlike that group who was just careless and didn’t give a hoot, this one really shook me to the core…

An alleged murderer – yes, folks, that’s right…Gary & I were driving through Amish Country  http://www.amishcountry.org/   in June of 2004 when I received a call from one of my fellow loan officers…

He:  “Jody, are you sitting down?”

Me: “Yeah, well, I’m driving – hang on…let me pass this horse and buggy”  – the passengers look at this interloper (me) in my fandangly rental car…

He:  “You are NEVER going to believe what is all over the news here…SO & SO’s MUGSHOT IS ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE…didn’t you guys all go for beers the other night at Mr. C’s?”

Me:  literally swerving to the side of the road – near expulsion of every molecule of oxygen from my gut  “Yeah…” in a very stunned state

He:  “Well, dude…he was arrested for shooting some chick off of his balcony with a scoped rifle…that’s *#%&* sick man…can’t believe it, can you?  Did he ever seem weird to you?”

Me:  “uh-uh…I gotta go…let’s chat when I get back to Houston”

I guess this goes deeper than just working with a numbskull that doesn’t know the biz…this was JUST TOO BIZARRE…in the fact that you really don’t know people, do you?

I had literally BLOCKED this from my mind – hadn’t thought about it since it happened because the guy called me at work once he posted bail.  Kinda creepy.  He wanted to “explain” so that I could set the record straight in the office…Yeah, okay. 

So, I guess you never really know who you’re sitting next to on a bus, in a train, on a plane or who might be doing your financials…Interesting….
I guess that’s why this time around, I am truly enjoying telecommuting…don’t think my cat will go ballastic on me with a rifle.

Please note:  No HORSE & BUGGIES or Loan Officers were harmed as a result of this incident


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