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Book Cover - Eat Pray Love

I just finished reading the Italian section and I must admit that I LOVED the first section. I SO want to travel to Italy after reading it. I won’t give details because, even though I thought I had to be the last one to read this book, I realize after the last post, that I’m SO not.

In celebration of the Eatting section this morning, I bought a small package of chocolate covered Bing cherries – OMG!! They are heavenly. So not on my diet, but it was my lil celebration after reading a whole section on just enjoying it – haha

I started the section on India … Cathy … your crazy brain is mentioned in there … only it’s “Monkey Brain”. I read the paragraph it’s mentioned in twice (because it’s SO me) and thought to myself, “Cathy is going to crack up here.”

So for those of you who are reading along with me … where are you in the book?


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I thought I’d start today with a list of the things I’m grateful for in my life ūüôā

10.¬† Not being born during pioneer days.¬† No really, this is a big one.¬† I don’t think I’d have done well without contact lenses, automobiles, shopping at Steinmart, indoor plumbing and microwave Lean Cuisine.¬† Although, the full skirted fashions¬†had their advantages in hiding the booty . . .

9.  Having reached my peace with my father before he passed away from lung cancer.  I was able to be there to help take care of him and share valuable time with him and my brothers & sisters.

8.¬† The hard, dark, bouncing off the walls, deep in the pit of dispair times I’ve had in my life, which helped me become the person I am today, she¬†who is¬†able to appreciate all the wonderful things in life.¬†

7.¬† ¬†The smell of the bath rug aisle¬†in the Wal Mart.¬† You know, the matchy matchy ones with the rubber backing.¬† There is just something about that smell that makes my mouth water and I feel all oogy inside . . ¬†in a good way.¬† DON’T ASK.

6.  The opportunity to work at a job which I truly loved, with friends I treasured.  It was a blessing afforded me by people who had faith in me and whose opinion I valued highly.  I am grateful every day for knowing the joy of being successful at something which was challenging and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams.  Thank you Universal Music Group.

5.¬† Beauty around me.¬† I have always had trouble with my eyesight and I fear that some day it will not be good enough to enjoy the beauty around me.¬† Whether it is the way my older son’s blue eyes look when he smiles, or the way my younger son’s tongue reaches out like a windshield wiper around his mouth to get that last bit of melted chocolate, or the way my husband’s hand looks on my stomach when he sneaks up¬†behind me and grabs me to sway to music while we’re cooking dinner.¬† Or it’s the way the white clouds look passing thru a particularly blue sky overhead, seen thru the leaves of a tree with pink flowers.¬† So many simple, beautiful things surround us every day, every minute and they give me amazing energy.

4.  The feeling of sitting in a bubble bath on a warm summer afternoon, with the window open, a gentle breeze stirring the curtains and the sound of kids playing somewhere in the neighborhood.  That along with a great book, time to enjoy it and a cold can of COKE gently fizzing next to my head. 

3.¬† The¬†three year old who is sitting in the living room playing¬†with his space shuttle (the¬†LITTLE one mama,¬†not the big one), after eating his eggs and strawberries, because that’s what he woke up asking for.¬†

2.  The 24 year old son who called me Mom for the first time 3 years ago.  Wow. 

1.  The husband who saw all the potential in me that I never saw in myself and coaxed it into bloom.  I love you, Hub Unit.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, or energetic if that’s what you prefer, weekend ūüôā

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Thank you Jody for giving me the link for Daily Om.¬† I subscribed and when I read their daily entry today I thought “OMG how did they know?”.¬† Here’s a link for those who don’t already read it: DAILY OM.¬† It’s an entry on letting your friends in for the good, bad and the ugly.

The only problem is … I can’t talk about what I need to talk about the most.¬†¬† I promised I wouldn’t.¬†

Being a parent is really tough sometimes.  Especially when your kids get to a phase in their life where they are starting to become their own person Рor are TRYING to. 

They want their freedom and believe that they know what’s best for them.¬† They think that you are stupid and crazy, yet come running to you when they are scared and confused.¬† They act all tough when they get hurt, yet you are the one they come to for care.¬† They secretly want to be like you, yet their actions tell a different story because … that’s what they WANT you to think.¬† What I think it really boils down to though … is that they are walking the fence between being a child and a mini-adult.¬† They really aren’t that far from where we are … they want it all.¬† They just haven’t figured out the best way to get it yet and really if they got it, they would just want to be back on the playground again where life is much easier in many respects.¬†

At times I want to strangle him, and then I see his innocent smile flash through and remember why I don’t follow through on the impulse.¬†¬† I am proud of him, I love him, I only want the best for him.¬† Sometimes¬†I wonder if I’m too tough and others I think I’ve failed him.¬† Normal thoughts for parents.¬† I know this.

This morning I took a walk … and cried when I could … when nobody was watching … when nobody could see ME be scared and confused.¬† Right now, I need to be the rock for him.¬† As I walked, I thought back to something from the intuitive painting class … it’s ok … is it ok? … ok? … that’s when the tears came.¬† I wonder if she’s cried yet?

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Married Love

I was cranky yesterday.  Hubby noticed, but managed to ignore it.  This morning when we woke up, I reached over and gave him a kiss good morning.

Him¬†– ‘Do you still love me?’

Me – ‘Yes, of course.¬† I was just in a bad mood yesterday.’ (no kidding)

Him¬†– ‘I could have used some of that love last night.’ wink wink.

Me – ‘Sorry, it wasn’t there last night, I had nothing to give.’

Him¬†– ‘Well, you didn’t need to put your heart & soul into it, I could have just borrowed some parts.’

True love, married love.

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The first night that we met for drinks in that lil bar, we decided that it’d be awesome to take an intuitive painting class together for our first field trip.¬† Karen and Carol know a lady who has a very cool place in Simi Valley.¬† Well that was an understatement.¬† We went to The Center of Energetic Healing.¬†

Soft Focus Wine and Food

We all brought something to our pre-intuitive painting picnic (whew try saying THAT three times fast). We had a fabulous spread of snacks and wine. It was such a beautiful day and we sat on a little patio across from the art studio and chatted over lunch.

As we were waiting for our class to begin, we decided to TRY to take some photos of ourselves with the timer on my camera.¬† Now, pay attention here in the first one.¬† As I was setting up the camera I asked the group, “do you think I can get ALL the way over there before the picture is taken?”.¬† “Of course – no problem”, they replied.¬† I set the timer and I RUN¬†(losing a shoe in the gravel as I went) only to barely make it into frame – haha.¬†

Group Shot 1 - Running into Frame
So then we decided to move a little closer so that I didn’t have to run around the shrubs to the patio.¬† I get everyone framed up and get ready to run … but wait, I forgot to actually HIT the timer button this time.¬† I love this shot though – haha¬†
Group Shot 2 - Forgotten Timer
Ok … third time has GOT to be the charm … right? haha
Voila!¬† What a nice photo – almost like we do it ALL the time ūüėČ
Group Shot 3 - Perfect
Now it was time to step into our art class.  It felt a little like being a kid again.  We walked into the studio and the energy was warm and creative.  There were so many different paint colors to choose from.  Check out the cart and table pictures I took.  We were encouraged to choose whatever colors called out to us. 
Paint Cart  Paint on the Table with Brushes
How fun is THAT!?!
Now it was quiet time.¬† Arna played music for us and told us no talking.¬† To just let your body, spirit and soul lead you.¬† It was pretty incredible to just feel that freedom.¬† No cell phones, no questions from anyone else, nobody wanting anything from me.¬† It’s been a long time since I’ve had that.
Then we were encouraged to write about the painting and about the message that we felt it revealed.¬† Here are our paintings – my hope is that each of you will post in the comments more about your experience and painting¬† for all of our readers to learn more – I will do the same ūüėÄ
Carol’s painting:
Carol  Carol's Painting
Cathy’s Painting:
Cathy  Cathy's Painting
Jody’s Painting:
Jody  Jody's Painting
Karen’s Painting:
Karen  Karen's Painting
My Painting:
Kristy  Kristy's Painting
… and finally … a group shot with all the paintings we did – feels a bit like¬†going back to¬†grade school¬†ūüėČ
Group Paintings

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