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I have been SO bad about updating the My Little Pretty site. I hadn’t uploaded any of the press or photographs from shoots/red carpet events, etc. since 2006 *gasp*

I guess that’s what happens when you are too busy huh – haha. As a business owner who also happens to be a designer, I sometimes find it hard to wear ALL the hats. Not to mention, I have a tough time drawing a line in the sand as to what I’m not going to do.

We’ve paid someone to help get the behind the scenes in tip top shape for our wholesale shopping section. We are wrapping that up and I decided I HAD to update the rest of the information on the site before we unveil the new shopping section to our buyers.

I added six pages of photos from the last year and a half. It could have been more too – haha. My Little Pretty has been doing a TON and has been involved in a lot of photo shoots and magazine stuff. So … I asked Ron to teach me how to do it myself.

At first I was totally intimidated. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I didn’t let the doubts creep in. Instead, I buckled down and tuned things out and focused on the code that skeers me ;-). I tackled it and all the pictures even work – woohoo.

Ron also helped get the new Spa Boutique for a Cure page up and running for me. It feels good to have the site up to date and once we add the wholesale shopping area – my hope is that re-orders will be much easier for my stores.

Want to see what MLP has been up to in photos?



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Ron and I were sitting at the table last night after Zac went to bed, just talking about My Little Pretty and what I think the next step is going to be.  I’m committed to buyer shows throughout the end of the season (Sept) and then have a few regular retail-ish sales that I’m doing October and November, but I need to add some more.

I can’t help but think that really, now is the time to strike Internationally.  We need to get some accessory agents out there to help us get the line in the right stores overseas.  So last night when Ron and I were talking about it, he said, “well, let’s start researching which shows we can do and try to work it out to go.”  So now I need to find the best fashion/accessory trade show that London has to offer so he and I can take a business trip over there and try to make things happen at a show, with agents and by walking the streets and trying to get more information.

I put out a few feelers to people I know in London as well as other designers that might know “someone” to refer me to.  It’s not as easy to break into a market overseas as I would like it to be.  Don’t they know how FABULOUS My Little Pretty is? hah

To me, it seems like the perfect time to hit overseas for sales when our dollar is in the tank … after all … it’ll seem like pennies to them right now and once they are hooked and our dollar takes a turn, the masses will already be addicted 😉

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2008 marked a new turning point in the life of My Little Pretty.  We decided it was time to push wholesale sales into stores a bit more than we’d been able to.  What that meant was that I’d be committing a lot more money to shows, more time on the road hitting the shows and we had to obviously buy things in bigger bulk to be able to make pieces in multiples now.  We did all this and suddenly my January and February were SLAMMED.  I left Jan 3 for NY to do the NY Accessories show –  then directly to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Show – then home to do the LA Gift Show that weekend.  Three multiple day shows in twelve days – yikes.  As if that wasn’t enough, I turned around and did MAGIC in Las Vegas the second week of Feb. 

After the first three shows I worked my butt off to fill the orders I wrote on the road.  Luckily, I had a lot of stuff made and ready to go (because I’m an over-the-top planner – haha … plan, plan and plan some more ya know).  I finished all the orders before I left for MAGIC – YAY! 

Now, I’m wrapping up the last order from MAGIC and yesterday I got a call from a store that bought from me at the LA Gift Show.  They are almost out of everything they bought and need more – WOOHOO!

That’s my first official re-order from this line!!  I knew it’d happen, but really, that’s quicker than I thought because technically, they didn’t get their orders until the first week of February – so that means they sold almost all they bought in a months time.

THAT feels awesome!  (… this time she ordered even more too …)

Something else I should celebrate.  My Little Pretty was featured in LA Direct Magazine recently.  I just got a call on it yesterday from someone asking where to get the big cross necklace – haha.  The shoot was at a cool restaurant/bar in Hollywood – Citizen Smith.  Here are four of the pics they used that had my jewelry in them.


:: back to filling orders ::

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I have to get the studio spick and span this morning because my Mom and Dad are cruising through for a few minutes on their way back from Santa Barbara to say hi and they haven’t seen it since we finished it.  I’m sure they’ll only stay about 15 minutes or so, but still … they will be coming by for hugs, kisses and to be sure that we haven’t killed the boy yet – haha. 

Zac (aka the boy) called me this morning from his pocket … yet he doesn’t know it yet.  The first two times I hung up and tried to call him back to tell him to stop, but the third time, my Mommy sense said, “maybe there’s a reason the phone is calling you.”  I listened in … sounds like he was hanging out with the wrong crowd again this morning … and they were picking on a couple kids. Ugh … I sent him a text saying, “when you get this you need to call me during brunch – we have to talk.”  I’m sure he’ll shit when he gets it … all part of my major parent plan 😉

Last night my table top studio arrived – woohoo.  Today (after I clean the studio), I am going to start practicing taking photos of jewelry for the new wholesale section of the site.  I’m pretty jazzed about it. 

Ok … back to cleaning things up.  I just bought a new cd on itunes and it’s blaring in the studio to motivate me.  It’s awesome – check it out – it’s called Ledisi.  I LOVE it.  I also opened up the doors to the beautiful outside and if you drove by, you’d probably laugh because I am dancin’ when I’m cleanin’. 

I wonder why we worry so much about what our Mother’s will think of our space … even when we are 40 and pay all the damn bills ourselves – haha.

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I want to …  

  1. lose the 10 pounds I put on while traveling to trade shows in January and February.
  2. learn how to “be” a bit more (just one of the things my painting revealed to me)
  3. find an agent for international sales of My Little Pretty jewelry – specifically in Europe and Australia.
  4. get our wholesale shopping site up and running
  5. have our son WANT to get out of trouble
  6. get a photo of Drew Barrymore wearing something fabulous from My Little Pretty
  7. feel inspired to do something wonderful
  8. sell jewerly to a major department store (one will do … I’m not greedy … yet ;-)).
  9. have a romantic get-away with my husband without the teenager
  10. get the refund from the Fed’s (should have been here last week)

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