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I just watched this 12 minute video that was broadcast on OPRAH about Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon computer science professor with a wife and 3  young children who only has a few months to live.  His story is inspiring – moving – humbling and heartbreaking.   This is one of those video’s we can all watch and learn from.   I thought it was important to share.  We all just run and run and go and go and sometimes we forget   what is truly important.  The bottom line is that everyday is significant and we need to show more “gratitude” for them.  Life is a gift and a blessing and we should not waste the “limited” time we have.   

His passion and zest for “today” is incredible as his today’s are so short.  This man has no self pity, only appreciation.  We all should be grateful and embrace our today’s and those people in our life who share them with us.    



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