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Book Cover - Eat Pray Love

I just finished reading the Italian section and I must admit that I LOVED the first section. I SO want to travel to Italy after reading it. I won’t give details because, even though I thought I had to be the last one to read this book, I realize after the last post, that I’m SO not.

In celebration of the Eatting section this morning, I bought a small package of chocolate covered Bing cherries – OMG!! They are heavenly. So not on my diet, but it was my lil celebration after reading a whole section on just enjoying it – haha

I started the section on India … Cathy … your crazy brain is mentioned in there … only it’s “Monkey Brain”. I read the paragraph it’s mentioned in twice (because it’s SO me) and thought to myself, “Cathy is going to crack up here.”

So for those of you who are reading along with me … where are you in the book?


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I finally started reading it after hearing it referenced so many times over the past year from what seemed like everyone – haha.  I was in Costco last week buying stuff for family to be in town and saw it there and figured it must be time – haha. 

Today at lunch I started reading it and decided instead of rushing back to making jewelry to finish an order (as usual), I would take a 30 minute break, go outside on the back patio and read for a little while longer.  Especially since the weather is SO beautiful in LA today.  Obviously, I’m back in the office and … I think I’m going to enjoy reading this book.

If you’ve already read it (which I assume everybody but me on Earth has) … Shhhhh … don’t tell me anything about it, I’m savoring each page right now.

:: lowers the cone of silence ::

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