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I have been SO bad about updating the My Little Pretty site. I hadn’t uploaded any of the press or photographs from shoots/red carpet events, etc. since 2006 *gasp*

I guess that’s what happens when you are too busy huh – haha. As a business owner who also happens to be a designer, I sometimes find it hard to wear ALL the hats. Not to mention, I have a tough time drawing a line in the sand as to what I’m not going to do.

We’ve paid someone to help get the behind the scenes in tip top shape for our wholesale shopping section. We are wrapping that up and I decided I HAD to update the rest of the information on the site before we unveil the new shopping section to our buyers.

I added six pages of photos from the last year and a half. It could have been more too – haha. My Little Pretty has been doing a TON and has been involved in a lot of photo shoots and magazine stuff. So … I asked Ron to teach me how to do it myself.

At first I was totally intimidated. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I didn’t let the doubts creep in. Instead, I buckled down and tuned things out and focused on the code that skeers me ;-). I tackled it and all the pictures even work – woohoo.

Ron also helped get the new Spa Boutique for a Cure page up and running for me. It feels good to have the site up to date and once we add the wholesale shopping area – my hope is that re-orders will be much easier for my stores.

Want to see what MLP has been up to in photos?



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