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Today I must admit that I was grateful that my hubby had another woman.  This woman purrs like a kitten when turned on……  She also glides and rolls with the wind.  I love this other woman our “Harley Davidson”.   I have been experiencing what the hubby calls “crazy brain” lately and I am so grateful that today I just sat for hours.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was in full glory and the wild flowers on the mountains were magical.  What was best about today is that I could just be.  I spent 4 hours on the back of the Harley just cruising along contemplating my world and what to do next with or in it.     It was the first time in months that I had quiet time with “me” and what I realized is that time was long overdue.    I formulated this great life plan in my head one that I need to figure out how to implement.  I visualized all the things I would do – the money I would make – the places I would travel and most important for me all the people I would help with my “new found” financial windfall….

Many people these days are following a suggestion for the book, ‘The Secret” by creating a vision board – I found a great web site that actually offers a Vision Book – it was created by Jack Canfield and my according to an email I just got is in route to me as I write this entry.  I am so excited to create this book and somewhat nervous.  Patience for creative things is an area that I am severely lacking in fact it took me one year to create my first (and only to this point) Scrapbook!!   I know what I have to do and I need to let the creative side just flow and let go of the perfection / controlled side.   Just like I did during the “girlfriend getaway” intuitive painting experience.   I have been working on changing my thoughts / my crazy brain and  my intentions lately and I must say I have noticed a big improvement in myself.  Don’t get me wrong I am still no closer to finding a professional direction but I must be honest for the first time in my life everything else sure is wonderful. 

Spending 4 hours with the sun and wind in my face,  no cell phone, no email, no IM just me, hubby and the other woman was exhilarating and reinvigorating.   I would suggest that all of us women find ourselves “our own other woman” of course she exists only to us and on our terms and is there when we need her…. Trust me she is not all that bad…..  🙂


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Yeah, I know the title sounds as though I’m going to tell you about the time I found an old lamp in the attic and when I rubbed it, a genie appeared.  I wish! Ooh, that would be one down, right?

It’s actually the title of a little book by Gay Hendricks.  In the book he poses the question: “If you told me on your death bed that your life had not been a success, what would you wish had happened to that would have made it a success?” 

Out of answering that question, it guides you through a process of writing first what you “didn’t accomplish” by the end, and shifting those statements to statements about what will make your life a success.

I bought this book before Christmas, and actually gave it as a gift to several people.  Then my own copy fell into the pile of books I buy with all good intention – planning to read them, and then kind of hoping they get into my brain by some sort of osmosis just by being near me on my desk or bedside table.

I am committing to work through this one.  It’s only 144 pages, and measures about 5″ by 7″ – how hard can that be?!? 

In the mean time, here are some of my current intentions for a successful life – my top 5:

  1. Have a happy family and help my children to be successful in life.
  2. Love my work.  Work with friends.
  3. Figure out what it is I am to do next, and create an income stream that supports us well.
  4. Create the physical surroundings I have always had in my mind.
  5. Help others to do the same.

Sounds simple when you write it out like that.  And really, I am on the way in some areas.  Just need to keep in mind,  as I work the day to day, I think.

Now for a Practical Top 5 (OK, Top 10) – What I need now:

  • A buyer for a great professional Microdermabrasion machine (not cheap, but lifetime warranty!)
  • An excellent female massage therapist, preferable with clientele, who wants a great place to work
  • A complementary business that wants to rent/share space and fits in with our approach – perhaps eastern medicine, herbal work, I’m open.
  • Kyle will pass Physics
  • We have coverage at the spa for our vacation (3/22 – 29)
  • Connor will write an entire paper on his own in the next 2 months
  • Mom starts going to the Senior Center once a week
  • Goddess Night (4/24) is a great success, and people help us promote it
  • Develop a business model that works for us
  • Get some creative time back

Any assistance would be appreciated (happy thoughts, contacts, ideas, decaf soy lattes),

Love you all,


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