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As you guys know, I started an intense workout program in January.  I went kicking and screaming to meet my trainer the first few weeks, but then found that I truly enjoyed it (shhh, don’t tell anyone….) and missed it if I wasn’t there…

There was a fitness challenge for an 8 week period of time – I came in late…didn’t do all my cardio and for the first few weeks didn’t change my eating habits…but half way through when Cal measured me and I had lost 4 inches or so, it motivated me to do what he asked of me…

Well, there were 35 of us participating in this fitness challenge…and it ended the 2nd week of March – we did final measurements and I had mentioned before but I had lost a total of 8.5 inches as well as body fat.

Cal told me today that I came in 2nd!!!  Woo Whooooooooooooooooo!!!  I am in total disbelief!  I am so excited with the results.

I went to a CAbi party yesterday at my friend Jill Jackson’s house.  She is the owner and creator of all things wonderful at  Dessert Alert.  Her lemon bars and whoopie pies are TO DIE FOR….   www.dessertalert.com  Anyhow, we meet once a month generally, drink wine, talk baking and eat sushi most times…but one of the things we have discussed several times over is how to be in the biz that we are and not weigh 400 lbs.   I mean seriously…when you are perfecting that Vanilla Sugar Cookie Cupcake recipe and have baked it for the 25th time, tasting each trial run…it gets a bit scary!  Jill is Ms. Cardio and hardcore workout girl and stays away from the white flour…but I show up at her house yesterday and she has all her yummy goodness strewn about the kitchen…INCLUDING the most awesome chocolate dipped strawberries and a yummy trifle that Patty dropped off mid party…which by the way, thank you very much Jill for sending this home with me, as I sat there last night eating a bowl full at 10:30…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

But I guess I must soldier on and continue with my working out…I still eat what I want, but I just need to make more conscious decisions…

And thanks for all the moral support during this time…most awesome!!!


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