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Ron and I were sitting at the table last night after Zac went to bed, just talking about My Little Pretty and what I think the next step is going to be.  I’m committed to buyer shows throughout the end of the season (Sept) and then have a few regular retail-ish sales that I’m doing October and November, but I need to add some more.

I can’t help but think that really, now is the time to strike Internationally.  We need to get some accessory agents out there to help us get the line in the right stores overseas.  So last night when Ron and I were talking about it, he said, “well, let’s start researching which shows we can do and try to work it out to go.”  So now I need to find the best fashion/accessory trade show that London has to offer so he and I can take a business trip over there and try to make things happen at a show, with agents and by walking the streets and trying to get more information.

I put out a few feelers to people I know in London as well as other designers that might know “someone” to refer me to.  It’s not as easy to break into a market overseas as I would like it to be.  Don’t they know how FABULOUS My Little Pretty is? hah

To me, it seems like the perfect time to hit overseas for sales when our dollar is in the tank … after all … it’ll seem like pennies to them right now and once they are hooked and our dollar takes a turn, the masses will already be addicted 😉


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I thought I’d start today with a list of the things I’m grateful for in my life 🙂

10.  Not being born during pioneer days.  No really, this is a big one.  I don’t think I’d have done well without contact lenses, automobiles, shopping at Steinmart, indoor plumbing and microwave Lean Cuisine.  Although, the full skirted fashions had their advantages in hiding the booty . . .

9.  Having reached my peace with my father before he passed away from lung cancer.  I was able to be there to help take care of him and share valuable time with him and my brothers & sisters.

8.  The hard, dark, bouncing off the walls, deep in the pit of dispair times I’ve had in my life, which helped me become the person I am today, she who is able to appreciate all the wonderful things in life. 

7.   The smell of the bath rug aisle in the Wal Mart.  You know, the matchy matchy ones with the rubber backing.  There is just something about that smell that makes my mouth water and I feel all oogy inside . .  in a good way.  DON’T ASK.

6.  The opportunity to work at a job which I truly loved, with friends I treasured.  It was a blessing afforded me by people who had faith in me and whose opinion I valued highly.  I am grateful every day for knowing the joy of being successful at something which was challenging and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams.  Thank you Universal Music Group.

5.  Beauty around me.  I have always had trouble with my eyesight and I fear that some day it will not be good enough to enjoy the beauty around me.  Whether it is the way my older son’s blue eyes look when he smiles, or the way my younger son’s tongue reaches out like a windshield wiper around his mouth to get that last bit of melted chocolate, or the way my husband’s hand looks on my stomach when he sneaks up behind me and grabs me to sway to music while we’re cooking dinner.  Or it’s the way the white clouds look passing thru a particularly blue sky overhead, seen thru the leaves of a tree with pink flowers.  So many simple, beautiful things surround us every day, every minute and they give me amazing energy.

4.  The feeling of sitting in a bubble bath on a warm summer afternoon, with the window open, a gentle breeze stirring the curtains and the sound of kids playing somewhere in the neighborhood.  That along with a great book, time to enjoy it and a cold can of COKE gently fizzing next to my head. 

3.  The three year old who is sitting in the living room playing with his space shuttle (the LITTLE one mama, not the big one), after eating his eggs and strawberries, because that’s what he woke up asking for. 

2.  The 24 year old son who called me Mom for the first time 3 years ago.  Wow. 

1.  The husband who saw all the potential in me that I never saw in myself and coaxed it into bloom.  I love you, Hub Unit.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, or energetic if that’s what you prefer, weekend 🙂

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A few other people have shared their goals, desires, wish lists and I know a vision held for you by others who support you is stronger than a vision held on your own. So here goes mine. (Takes a courageous, deep breath!):

  1. To be a healthy and attractive weight through learning how to take care of the this 47 year old body with food and exercise habits that I can live with that are not about a diet or a punishing exercise routine but are about taking care of me, body, mind and spirit. (I’ve already started this and lost the first 23 pounds since last July but I want to continue and lose at least 40 more. I desire to get it done and have my program of exercise, meditation and eating be something I do, rather than something I talk about!)
  2. To develop my business to support me and those I care about financially with ease and abundance. I always meet my basic needs but many months there is stress about where money will come from. My mother who is 85 is running out of funds and I want to be able to support her last years so that she is taken care of well and not worried. I also know that when you earn more you can give on higher level. Immediate need. To figure out a way to reduce office overhead or increase inflow. Actually both! By end of the summer, I see cash flow being enough that I will not have to have “back up jobs.”
  3. To refine and develop my speaking skills so that I am ready and invited to share the platform with speakers such as: Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer etc. (Yikes, I’m sweating as I type that one!) I keep seeing some sort of media component with this. My own PBS special. My own show. (Sweating more profusely–Is it a hot flash or just the balls of stating that full out?)
  4. To attract that man to share my life. Several years ago after realizing I kept attracting the same men in different clothes, I realized it had to be me, not the men that needed some work. I took a break from pursuing relationships to work on me. Now, I feel like I have done the healing that I needed to do and I’m open and ready to have that companion and partner in my life. I’m opening the door and setting the intention. Somewhere out there . . .
  5. Rent a villa and spend time in Italy with friends. (Anyone interested?)
  6. Travel to the South Pacific (Cook Islands) to see my friend, Julie and continue on to explore New Zealand. Those are my top two travel destinations but I’d love to be able to travel more and explore much of this wonderful planet and meet the people.
  7. To become more a more active volunteer in my community. I know I am blessed and to those who much is given, much is expected. I need to search out the places I can be of service and show up!
  8. Paint and Write. Express. Make creativity a regular part of life.
  9. Regularly be grateful and joyful. After all what is life, if it isn’t juicy and wonderful?

I want to thank the other Where’s My Damn Answer Gals for including me in this wonderful community. A year ago, I said I need to find some cool women to hang out with. Women who get it and are on the journey with me. Thanks to Karen for saying, “You have to meet these ladies!” So looking over that list from last year, meet Cool Women, check.


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I was reading an article written by “Judy Brady” written in 1971 titled “I want a wife”…  Wow was Judy on to something.  I almost think she was ahead of her time as women today do everything in her article and so much more,  most hold a full time job as well.  When this was written in 1971 most woman worked inside the home (that is a wonderful full time job in and of itself).  The premise of the article is just like the topic stating all the things that she would love someone to do for her just as she does for her husband and her family as the “WIFE”.

This article really made me once again appreciate the strength and power and dedication of woman. Sadly, I think sometimes we sell our importance and value short.    We get caught up in the “rut” of daily life and really do not stop to think about our incredible daily contribution.  It is amazing when you stop and read and process her words how they must resonate within you as they did with me.

*** Here are a few examples of what her wife would do for her:

–  Cook and grocery shop 

– Clean

– Care for the children in all regards

– Take time off work when the children are sick

– Make all social arrangements 

–  Sensitive to my sexual needs – a wife who will love me passionately and eagerly “when I feel like it” and who of course makes sure that I am satisfied.

 – House work including – wash – iron 

– Care for her when she is sick

 – One of the real kickers is that option for if by chance i find another person more suitable as a wife than the wife I already have, I want the liberty to replace my present wife with another one….. 

Wow:  This would be paradise,  a real dream come true.   What is so amazing is that this is what we as woman do for our families and more specifically our husbands.   It is because of all you amazing Moms and Wife’s that you deserve a special medal.  This medal is solid, firm  and will never tarnish – Just like you.   

As the last line of the article says: My God, who wouldn’t want a wife

I know I would love a wife!!!

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Saw this on Daryn Kagan’s site this morning.  I have to see the documentary.  I love hearing stories about people overcoming obstacles.  Check this out …


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This is fashion week in Los Angeles and I’ve been going to it the last couple of seasons.  I dig it.  I love the creative energy and the people that I meet there.  I love collaborating with people on projects and it seems like good things always happen when I go. 

This season I am needed at home.  I’m ok with this … but in honor of fashion week, I have decided to play music really loud (to help me not hear the barking dogs), finish all my photos of the new line (so I hear the click click of the cameras and see the flashes go off) and I might even walk the catwalk in our house wearing high heals – just to feel like I am a part of it in some way ;-). 

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Yeah, I know the title sounds as though I’m going to tell you about the time I found an old lamp in the attic and when I rubbed it, a genie appeared.  I wish! Ooh, that would be one down, right?

It’s actually the title of a little book by Gay Hendricks.  In the book he poses the question: “If you told me on your death bed that your life had not been a success, what would you wish had happened to that would have made it a success?” 

Out of answering that question, it guides you through a process of writing first what you “didn’t accomplish” by the end, and shifting those statements to statements about what will make your life a success.

I bought this book before Christmas, and actually gave it as a gift to several people.  Then my own copy fell into the pile of books I buy with all good intention – planning to read them, and then kind of hoping they get into my brain by some sort of osmosis just by being near me on my desk or bedside table.

I am committing to work through this one.  It’s only 144 pages, and measures about 5″ by 7″ – how hard can that be?!? 

In the mean time, here are some of my current intentions for a successful life – my top 5:

  1. Have a happy family and help my children to be successful in life.
  2. Love my work.  Work with friends.
  3. Figure out what it is I am to do next, and create an income stream that supports us well.
  4. Create the physical surroundings I have always had in my mind.
  5. Help others to do the same.

Sounds simple when you write it out like that.  And really, I am on the way in some areas.  Just need to keep in mind,  as I work the day to day, I think.

Now for a Practical Top 5 (OK, Top 10) – What I need now:

  • A buyer for a great professional Microdermabrasion machine (not cheap, but lifetime warranty!)
  • An excellent female massage therapist, preferable with clientele, who wants a great place to work
  • A complementary business that wants to rent/share space and fits in with our approach – perhaps eastern medicine, herbal work, I’m open.
  • Kyle will pass Physics
  • We have coverage at the spa for our vacation (3/22 – 29)
  • Connor will write an entire paper on his own in the next 2 months
  • Mom starts going to the Senior Center once a week
  • Goddess Night (4/24) is a great success, and people help us promote it
  • Develop a business model that works for us
  • Get some creative time back

Any assistance would be appreciated (happy thoughts, contacts, ideas, decaf soy lattes),

Love you all,


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