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Today I must admit that I was grateful that my hubby had another woman.  This woman purrs like a kitten when turned on……  She also glides and rolls with the wind.  I love this other woman our “Harley Davidson”.   I have been experiencing what the hubby calls “crazy brain” lately and I am so grateful that today I just sat for hours.  It was a beautiful day, the sun was in full glory and the wild flowers on the mountains were magical.  What was best about today is that I could just be.  I spent 4 hours on the back of the Harley just cruising along contemplating my world and what to do next with or in it.     It was the first time in months that I had quiet time with “me” and what I realized is that time was long overdue.    I formulated this great life plan in my head one that I need to figure out how to implement.  I visualized all the things I would do – the money I would make – the places I would travel and most important for me all the people I would help with my “new found” financial windfall….

Many people these days are following a suggestion for the book, ‘The Secret” by creating a vision board – I found a great web site that actually offers a Vision Book – it was created by Jack Canfield and my according to an email I just got is in route to me as I write this entry.  I am so excited to create this book and somewhat nervous.  Patience for creative things is an area that I am severely lacking in fact it took me one year to create my first (and only to this point) Scrapbook!!   I know what I have to do and I need to let the creative side just flow and let go of the perfection / controlled side.   Just like I did during the “girlfriend getaway” intuitive painting experience.   I have been working on changing my thoughts / my crazy brain and  my intentions lately and I must say I have noticed a big improvement in myself.  Don’t get me wrong I am still no closer to finding a professional direction but I must be honest for the first time in my life everything else sure is wonderful. 

Spending 4 hours with the sun and wind in my face,  no cell phone, no email, no IM just me, hubby and the other woman was exhilarating and reinvigorating.   I would suggest that all of us women find ourselves “our own other woman” of course she exists only to us and on our terms and is there when we need her…. Trust me she is not all that bad…..  🙂


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I am sure you have heard by now today is the 5 year anniversary of the War in Iraq.  I am married to a Marine who has served this country with passion and dedication for almost 24 years. I  feel it is important not only today but everyday to show gratitude to all branches of service and the men and women of this country who represent them. 

Belief in the War, Political views or affiliation aside – right now for me it is about appreciation, gratitude and support for the troops.  These men and woman have sacrificed so much for us all.  The families at home also need to be commended and thanked as they have served us all in their own way as well.

 Today for me it is about Thank You’s, safe returns and well wishes.

God Bless You all today and everyday

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I tried to post yesterday and I sat in front of the computer and thought to myself, “what will I post about today?”  Nothing came to mind … just the sound of crickets.  Huh. 

It reminded me of years ago in college in an English class I was in.  I had this great teacher that looked like a droopy dog from a cartoon that I can’t recall the name of right now.  He taught us to meditate on the first day.  Now I lived in Visalia and really, meditation was FAR from what was the norm.  In fact, I believe a lot of the kids went home and told their parents who promplty filed complaints with the school.  I wasn’t one of them because I saw that it actually worked.  He walked us through relaxing our bodies and minds while we sat in that chair and then taught us to just write whatever came from our head.  Kind of like our intuitive painting class a few weeks ago.  So that’s what I’m doing this morning … letting it fly – haha. 

I have so many topics in my head right now but none that seem very clever or witty (which is what I like to write on most). 

I read a blog this morning that inspired me.  I found it through the tag surf feature and it showed up because of the common “friends” tag.  It’s written by a guy that has a great voice in his words.  You know what I mean … when you feel you that you can hear their voice as you read their story.  He wrote about friends today, but in digging through his blog a bit more, I learned about his real story.  He and his wife are adopting two children from Haiti – Amos and Story.  If you have some time, take a look at his blog … I think you’ll dig it.  

I remember years ago when my ex and I decided to adopt.  It’s a scary and exhilarating journey.  You have so many naysayers to contend with, yet you know in your heart that you are on the right path.  The first time I saw the picture of Zac, I knew that he was meant for me.  In a weird way, I’m grateful to my ex for opening that door for me (even though he didn’t stick around for the long haul).  If I hadn’t met him, I wouldn’t have adopted so early.  There is a lot more to that story, but I don’t feel like getting into that now.  I love the journey that Zac and I (and now Ron too) have been on together.  There are days I freak, days I yell, days I cry and quite a few days where I laugh a lot. 

I can’t wait to hear more about their journey too. 

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I thought I’d start today with a list of the things I’m grateful for in my life 🙂

10.  Not being born during pioneer days.  No really, this is a big one.  I don’t think I’d have done well without contact lenses, automobiles, shopping at Steinmart, indoor plumbing and microwave Lean Cuisine.  Although, the full skirted fashions had their advantages in hiding the booty . . .

9.  Having reached my peace with my father before he passed away from lung cancer.  I was able to be there to help take care of him and share valuable time with him and my brothers & sisters.

8.  The hard, dark, bouncing off the walls, deep in the pit of dispair times I’ve had in my life, which helped me become the person I am today, she who is able to appreciate all the wonderful things in life. 

7.   The smell of the bath rug aisle in the Wal Mart.  You know, the matchy matchy ones with the rubber backing.  There is just something about that smell that makes my mouth water and I feel all oogy inside . .  in a good way.  DON’T ASK.

6.  The opportunity to work at a job which I truly loved, with friends I treasured.  It was a blessing afforded me by people who had faith in me and whose opinion I valued highly.  I am grateful every day for knowing the joy of being successful at something which was challenging and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams.  Thank you Universal Music Group.

5.  Beauty around me.  I have always had trouble with my eyesight and I fear that some day it will not be good enough to enjoy the beauty around me.  Whether it is the way my older son’s blue eyes look when he smiles, or the way my younger son’s tongue reaches out like a windshield wiper around his mouth to get that last bit of melted chocolate, or the way my husband’s hand looks on my stomach when he sneaks up behind me and grabs me to sway to music while we’re cooking dinner.  Or it’s the way the white clouds look passing thru a particularly blue sky overhead, seen thru the leaves of a tree with pink flowers.  So many simple, beautiful things surround us every day, every minute and they give me amazing energy.

4.  The feeling of sitting in a bubble bath on a warm summer afternoon, with the window open, a gentle breeze stirring the curtains and the sound of kids playing somewhere in the neighborhood.  That along with a great book, time to enjoy it and a cold can of COKE gently fizzing next to my head. 

3.  The three year old who is sitting in the living room playing with his space shuttle (the LITTLE one mama, not the big one), after eating his eggs and strawberries, because that’s what he woke up asking for. 

2.  The 24 year old son who called me Mom for the first time 3 years ago.  Wow. 

1.  The husband who saw all the potential in me that I never saw in myself and coaxed it into bloom.  I love you, Hub Unit.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, or energetic if that’s what you prefer, weekend 🙂

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